Wireless Portable Food Mixer, Make Food Mixing Easier Than Ever Before! - kitchen essentials
Wireless Portable Food Mixer, Make Food Mixing Easier Than Ever Before! - kitchen essentials
Wireless Portable Food Mixer, Make Food Mixing Easier Than Ever Before! - kitchen essentials
Wireless Portable Food Mixer - kitchen essentials

Wireless Portable Food Mixer

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We are making your kitchen routine more and more enjoyable. Please welcome easy to use Wireless Portable Food Mixer that is making preparing food so much simpler.

  • Hand and table mix modes so you can easily mix as and where you need.
  • Easy to use design that can be put together and used in a few moments.
  • Perfect for everything — from egg mixing to baby food cooking and vegetable blending.
  • Suitable for meat mixing and vegetable mixing for easier mincing.
  • Durable stainless steel material to keep your Food Mixer easy to clean and use.
  • Great for almost any mixing process you need to go through in the kitchen. 
  • USB-charged so you can easily get your food mixer powered up on-demand.  

    Mix Anything From Eggs To Baby Food In A Half The Time

    Trying to make life in the kitchen a little less hectic? Then a Portable Food Mixer could be a real game-changer. Avoid having to be connected to a certain part of the kitchen — mix your food to the desired consistency wherever!  

    With our stainless steel Food Mixer, you can take advantage of the 3-speed option. Now you can easily make sure that you can beat the eggs, knead the dough and make the mixture so much faster. Easy to operate and designed for simplicity, our Portable Food Mixer makes cooking so much easier!

    Easy Assembly — It Is Ready Anytime You Need It 

    A Portable Food Mixer is simple to take apart and clean out when and where needed. Now you can easily disassemble your device, clean every part and make sure it is ready for your next mixing session. The stainless steel material ensures that your Mixer will not rust or spoil, and all mixable ingredients should come off with one simple wash!

    Wireless & Rechargeable

    Instead of plugging in your kitchen device for hours, our easy-to-use USB-chargeable Food Mixer simplifies the process. Be sure that you can charge your Mixer simply by plugging it into a spare USB port. Just 2 hours of charging time are all that it needs! You can also charge it on any USB port you have, ranging from your PC or smartphone to a socket – even in your car! 

    By the way, each charge offers 15 uses of the Food Mixer providing excellent value for each charge.

    Multiple Speeds And Styles

    You can choose from various speeds to make sure you can easily mix what you need. Lower speeds are suitable for mixing eggs, cheese and coffee; higher speeds can be used for everything from mincing meat to mixing baby food or vegetables. Also, change the style from the standard stick mode for universal mixing to vegetable and meat mincing mode. Use the sticks or the 250ml cup to mix everything you need quickly and easily.

    Make food mixing simpler than ever before with our Wireless Portable Food Mixer and order yours today!

    And also enjoy your 30 days guarantee! Whether you don’t like the results your Mixer gives — we’ll return you every cent back. Just email us!