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Quick Cup Washer

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One less problem! Wash your cups and glasses in one move with our Quick Cup Washer.

Easy To Use

Generally, tap water pressure can be used for cleaning by our Quick Cup Washer. Put the neck of the cup down and press lightly on the bottom of the cup to automatically spray water for cleaning. When the cup is clean, remove the cup and stop spraying water — the cleaning is completed!

Multi-Angle Water Outlet Cleaning Head

The Washer uses multi-angle washing jets to thoroughly wash up residue in seconds, while the subtle overhang directs water flow into the kitchen sink for easy clean-up.

Easy Installation

The sleek low-profile design is suitable for any faucet and can be easily installed in an empty standard countertop hole. The required supply line (included) can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line.

Widely Used

Such a Quick Cup Washer can be useful not only at your home. It is a good helper for bars, coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants, hotels, public houses, etc.

Become the owner of a useful kitchen device. Text us to order the Quick Cup Washer right now!

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