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Non-Stick Cooking Pan

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Enjoy cooking like never before! Please welcome the 4 Cup Non-Stick Cooking Frying Pan for you to cook different meals in.

Make breakfast easily and quickly with 4 convenient cups. You can make meals like breakfast omelettes, pancakes, muffins and so much more without anything sticking to the frying pan.

Save Yourself Time In The Kitchen

Our Non-Stick Cooking Frying Pan will save you time by cooking in batches of 4 in clean, equally portioned, non-stick cups. You can cook omelettes in 2 cups and pour pancake batter in the other 2 for a complete and hardy breakfast of champions!

Water Saver

Use less water when washing dishes, because now there is only one frying pan in your sink, not three or four.

Premium Maifan Stone & 100% Non-Stick

Don't worry about spoiling your food if you get a little distracted. In addition, the handle is made of natural wood and won't heat up or harm you while the frying pan is burning. It’s a safe and fun way to cook your favourite dishes!

Enjoy breakfast with our 4 Cup Non-Stick Cooking Frying Pan and order yours today! And we will only remind you’re protected by our 30 days guarantee — so if something goes wrong, you will get your money back.